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Not putting this on LJ cut because of feels =P
I really like Tenko's (Horii Arata) role in "Kogure Shashinkan"
He's Hana-chan's (Kamiki) bestfriend, and you can tell that they treat him as part of the family >.<
Even though I was initially excited for Miki's scenes with Narumi Riko..
The TenkoHana in this drama is really overpowering!!

Photo 18Photo 21
^ The husband doing all the work while the wife is just laying there trololol

Photo 20Photo 22

Photo 19Photo 26

Photo 24Photo 25
Hikaru (Kabe Amon) is their love-child yo~ ^

Photo 46Photo 23
Husband Bestfriend is so considerate >.< Getting Hana-chan his tea

Photo 27Photo 28
Tenko was totally sipping on Hana-chan's tea ^ You can even hear a gulp at the end! LOL

Photo 31Photo 30

Photo 32Photo 47

Photo 29Photo 8

Photo 2Photo 3
The level of skinship these two have is really >///<

Photo 1Photo 9
^ Technically a back-hug =P idc

Photo 5Photo 6
AHHH how sweet is their relationship?!

Photo 4Photo 7
They're camping on Tenko's backyard trololol

Photo 10Photo 12

Photo 11Photo 13
Handsome Tenko-kun~ *A*

Photo 15Photo 16

Photo 14Photo 17

Please have even more scenes together in the next episode m(_ _)m
Can't wait for Sunday!!

!VIDS UPDATE! part 2/2

Here's the 2nd part to the list of videos I've made since the last one XDDD

A trailer for  yatsuiko_chan's fanfic =)

My first Yamada Ryosuke x Fukuda Mayuko x Hongo Kanata vid :3

This one's pure YaMayu =P fufu

A parody trailer of the movie "Perks of Being a Wallflower"
Highly recommend it!!!!!

!VIDS UPDATE! part 1/2

woah! Has it really been that long since my last entry?!
I should've posted about my LJ hiatus Orz
Real life has been so busy lately that I've neglected this journal...
Oh well, here's an update on the fanvids I've made since the last one ^^;

The 2nd part to the Hongo Kanata x Fukuda Mayuko "Mirai Nikki" slideshow

This one has SuzuRyuu, MayuNata & TomoRyusei

I really like how this one turned out :3
Inspired by the "5cm per second" animated film

Based on Takano Ichigo's "Orange"
I highly recommend the manga!!!

Mikitty Update


Long time no see, bb ;__;
According to ciaogirl, Kanai Miki has been attending acting lessons~
I hope this means Mikitty will be getting more drama jobs! p(^ - ^)q

hey it's Uzamiyu!

It's Kojima Fujiko yo~

02c33e2a4455e2035343c1bd 2dcf1b385343fbf24947e08cb07eca8064388f4e
aka the girl who bullied Shida Mirai in Shokojo Seira & Chinen Yuri's girlfriend in Sprout
She really is versatile though =O
I could barely recognize her in Blackboard with Kamiki & in Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi SP

+5 pics of Uzamiyu staring/gazing/adoring MikiCollapse )

Miyabi's Melody: Episode Six

  • Ninomae Juichi couldn't accept Miyabi's death so he began searching for a way to bring her back. His search had lead him to a banished Shinigami who once did the same thing. He instructed Juichi of the forbidden ritual: 1, he must offer up a thousand human souls in exchange for Miyabi's soul; and 2, Juichi must find a suitable vessel for her to reside in.. The very reason why he saved Sugita Monami's life on that fateful night.
  • How many more people is Juichi willing to sacrifice for Miyabi? Even Shinigami A-100100 (Momo) got entangled with his schemes and is now paying the price.
  • If Juichi fully revives Miyabi, he'll be killing Monami; but if he chooses Monami, he'll lose Miyabi once again. Is the dead really more important than the living?

WARNING: Implied abuse and bullying

*Story 1 (highschool setting)
  • Nobody knows why the transfer student, Masaki (Kamiki Ryunosuke) started bothering Yuri (Shida Mirai), only that it made her the target of bullying in class. Naturally, she began to dislike him for making her school life painful... Until Yuri accidentally saw her bully getting slapped by his mom.
  • Living in an abusive household, Masaki couldn't help but vent out his anger and frustrations on Yuri. He thought she would use her newfound knowledge to mock him, but she chose to help him instead.
  • She's forgiven Masaki.
*Story 2 (junior high setting)
  • Like Masaki, Haruna (Fukuda Mayuko) has also been living in an abusive household. Her stepdad's been molesting her ever since her real mom passed away. Not like anyone would believe her though, since he's a respected and popular teacher in her school. The only exception, however, is Haruna's childhood friend: Rui (Hongo Kanata). He's been suspicious ever since she quit her club and stopped socializing with other people.
  • Deep down, Rui felt ashamed for pretending not to notice Haruna's pain. Not about to make any more regrets, he immediately came to Haruna's rescue after her stepdad locked her away (because she threatened to expose him).
  • He was finally able to protect Haruna and justice has been served.

Yay for bts!

In this scene ^ Mikitty actually tapped Kamiki's shoulder when she laughed LOL
kinda reminded me of someone else coughShidaMiraicough
These two are closer than I thought :3

Mikitty's '11nin' BTS Caps

The video source was actually in pretty good quality
but somehow, it came out lq when I took the screencaps via my itouch ^^;

Mikitty's 'Answer' Caps

Kanai Miki didn't have any scenes in episodes 3-5 so I thought she was done with her role -.-;
But I hanged in there and voila! Mikitty appeared in episode 6 >///<
Go check out Mikitty's rebellious phase~!

Episode 6 CapsCollapse )